Vipassana Meditation, a grassroots movement available to all who want it bad enough.

This represents the best of the old, the traditional, that patriarchy has to offer us.

secondarily it will be about success and all things new, young and amazing that the transition out of patriarchy has to offer us.

the masc, the fem, as it were and the going beyond duality, the 2012 shift.

So what is Vipassana? It is this technique of meditation which has deep roots that go back to the Buddha. That being saind, it is not Buddhism. See more here:

The thing is the old students of Vipassana have manifested centers where people can learn this technique in a residential setting for ten days as an offering free of "charge" and then accepting voluntary donations after the ten days is complete.  

It offers us Americans a code of conduct first of all. This, above all else, is enough to make Vipassana invaluable, but it does not stop there.

Try it you may be happy you did.

Wheel of Dhamma

The Precepts and their importance:
1. to not lie; to abstain from all wrong speach. T
2. Do not take what is not given. No stealing. it hurts you and it hurts others.
3. Do not have sexual misconduct. Abstainence is the best remedy for this. 
4. Do not kill... anything that you can not kill like irritating bugs or animals for sport or food. Do not take the life of one who wants to live, including fish, who will run from the fishers.
5. Do not do intoxicants. alcohol and drugs lower are wisdom level and our resistance to other abstainences.

that is the five for vipassana which set one up for better concentration, due to lack of new guilt, remorse, regret; karmic retribution for misconduct is usually at least agitation.


Ven. Webu Sayadaw (1896 - 1977), videos, literature of and by the venerable.


 here are some podcasts of public talks given in the USA about Vipassana:

The Dhammapada: Verses and Stories

Here is Vipassana in the Media:
This is most recent: scroll all the way to page 27 @