Half Broke woman

October 30, 2009
When the pain drives one up a wall
one will hear the call.
stop eating on this ball 
won shall here the call

the book itself is dear
one can hear the call

HALF BROKE HORSES by Jeanette Walls one better book for a modern american like me.


bye bye CANCER

October 22, 2009

I had a man who had a colon cancer and he basically refused to do anything, but he said he would stop eating and go on juices. This was early on in my practice, too. These were learning experiences. He started on a multitude of fruit and vegetable juices and, I remember it was about a month later into his long juice fast, he pooped his cancer right out. It was 18" long.

It looked like a rope with figs attached to it....

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time time time change

October 17, 2009
all right time for a new en tree.Time for a change. Do you agree dear reader of the blog? I need my ergonomic keyboard and then learn to type better to maximie the experience and get the job done. I need to go through the fire as it were to minimize the donut holes and delicious cooked food that is gaining the weight on the 80 pound frame!!!!!!!.Time for a change do you agree?

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Roxy music appeals to the melancholy nature

October 4, 2009
try again to post a video on this blog. Is it possible and how?

 well anyhow,

go to this for now but then come on back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXO7EI_85v8&feature=player_embedded

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wandering Lazlow; Lesson Learned; To Live

October 4, 2009
Ahh Lazlow wandered the streets of Berkeley it was 2am, the rain was light, the air a cool 50 degrees. It seemed everyone was asleep. The entire town was shut down for hours, not a soul stirred, she circled the main road and turned onto Shattuck, where by day there was a perpetual influx of sanity and insanity functioning side by side... moving about in tolerance and high brow leftist mind. Molly ownders if her words are worth recording... only if she stops sabatoging her original nature w...
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Writes is right

October 2, 2009
stacking, Bundling; using time (get more done in less time to eliminate the need for immortality, longevity and craving to live longer. do what feeds the spirit and share, inspire and listen and present and share and LIVE every moment fully.

TOday is ROctober second. I am breathing into the day as I transition into Liquidarianism. To rremove the craving for chewing and enjoying intense flavors and tex...

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