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subjectFw: The Renegade Health Show - Reverend George Malkmus on the 100% Raw Diet and Colon Cancer – The Renegade Health Show...

Hi Molly,
I thought you'd enjoy seeing and hearing Rev. Malkmus on this 10 min video.  I tried to send before, but didn't think it worked.  My apologies if you've already received.
Laurie :)

15% cooked and colon Cancer 

(the adjustment)with George Malkmus:

 15% cooked and colon Cancer 

(the adjustment)with George Malkmus

Am trying DCA to cure this colon cancer which tweaks me. A man sent it to me free of charge after his wife passed (she ordered it too late). It is illegal in the USA as it is not patented but it is used in Canada. BTW, the little tumor is going away. The abscess shrunk this morning I swear after a fish dinner last night. I am plumping up this 80 pound frame so that I can live on less and breath into the future as I have not given up the dream. The experience here, or "cancer trip" comprises of a cancerous colorectal tumor, a colorectal abscess next to and supporting the tumor,  liver cysts and a general escape of the cancer cells, that is, it has metastasized or spread (
Metastatic tumors are very common in the late stages of cancers ). Here is a gruesome picture that it may look like (not to be confused with peanut brittle - which is available at Walmart for 99cents)...:
Cut surface of a liver showing multiple metastatic nodules originating from pancreatic cancer

Cancer cells can break away, leak, or spill from a primary tumor, enter lymphatic and blood vessels, circulate through the bloodstream, and be deposited within normal tissue elsewhere in the body.

I miss the Lymph nodes that may have been destroyed by the one round of chemo i did in August and which causes edema and which i will treat with a rebounder like the one below which i pick up File:Illu lymph node structure.pngtomorrow.

Urban Rebounder Folding Trampoline Workout System  the Lymph node stimulator

the breatharians i find inspiring or interesting are Akahi and Jericho:


"boredom is
the desire for desire." -Tolstoy

wHERE IS mY mIND? Spectacular music and video footage by our YOUTH.

  Kids at play on the farm.

At Redwood Hill Farm we do believe in a natural approach to animal husbandry and our dairy goats are raised "free range" and humanely. All have names, distinct personalities and a good life here on the farm.


It's Time For 
A Miracle !!!
I take it every day and will let you know after 30 days if it is a miracle.

Some random paintings for fun, Kauai 2005 or so... pictures taken this week.

wormhole.jpg Richie and I, high school friends reunited.

She birthed me in 1967:

I like our new President.President Barack Obama walks down the stairs of Air Force One at Andrews Air

"It's time for those banks to fulfill their responsibility to help ensure a wider recovery, a more secure system and more broadly shared prosperity," said Obama.

Pure walks with LIGHT WALKS WITH AIR

Rich402 Incredible Hulk @ the


Shimshai our spiritual friend

Absolute Positivity

in my room.

A Marvel to Be Hold

we love you. Love Light.


My Brother jimmy O' Keeffe and I, Molly O' Keeffe September 17th 2009

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